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iPod battery

I have an iPod of the type that I believe is now called ‘classic’. I like it, and use it often. But I don’t use it for a long enough period of time in a row that the battery runs flat. And since I like conserving the battery of my electronic devices to the best of my ability, I don’t like to recharge them until they’re completely flat.

This is a problem, because whenever I connect my iPod with my Mac, it starts charging. The effect of this is, I can’t update my iPod for days, because I have to wait for it to run flat. It annoys the hell out of me, that I can’t just have a check box in iTunes that says “Don’t charge iPod on connection”. Then, when I really wanted it to charge, I would either have a button in iTunes, or use my external recharger. Come on, Apple!

Depeche Mode – Strangelove

I give in to sin,
Because you have to make this life liveable.

Igor | Naming Strategy Consumer Brand Positioning Messages 

Sig det nu

(This post is in Danish)

“Må jeg lige sige noget?”, “må jeg spørge om noget?”

Det har du allerede gjort, kom nu til sagen.

Thomas Buttenschøn – Hun er væk

(This post is in Danish)

Og så var det hun begyndte at generalisere,
Du ved, som kvinder jo altid gør.

En konkurrerende kanal

Hvor er jeg glad for, at udtrykket “en konkurrerende kanal” ser ud til stort set at være blevet sløjfet; at DR refererer til TV3 som “TV3” og ikke “en konkurrerende kanal”. Det andet er ret stor mangel på tiltro til egen kvalitet; hvis vi så meget som nævner den anden kanal, så går det galt, og vi mister alle vores seere/lyttere! Stop it, I klarer den nok.

Do Canonical Web Designs Exist? – Bokardo 

Embrace the web… just do it, damn it.

George Orwell: 12 Writing Tips 

Permanent location of 'George Orwell: 12 Writing Tips'

Queen – Put Out the Fire

You need a bullet like a hole in the head.

ACME Pundit Saws | The Macalope: An Apple blog – CNET Blogs 

The Scobble quote sold it… The content is pretty decent, but his writing is terrible.

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