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iPod battery

I have an iPod of the type that I believe is now called ‘classic’. I like it, and use it often. But I don’t use it for a long enough period of time in a row that the battery runs flat. And since I like conserving the battery of my electronic devices to the best of my ability, I don’t like to recharge them until they’re completely flat.

This is a problem, because whenever I connect my iPod with my Mac, it starts charging. The effect of this is, I can’t update my iPod for days, because I have to wait for it to run flat. It annoys the hell out of me, that I can’t just have a check box in iTunes that says “Don’t charge iPod on connection”. Then, when I really wanted it to charge, I would either have a button in iTunes, or use my external recharger. Come on, Apple!

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