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Taming perfectionism 

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Although I realised many years ago that there’s no such thing as ‘perfect’ in the real world (I even came up with an expression: ‘striving for perfection is human, achieving perfection is divine’, and since I don’t believe in a divine being, perfection is impossible), I have felt this many times: my writing being bad (in particular), a design being bad, some code.

In essence, I could have written that article. But I’m not merely imperfect, I’m also lazy.

Matias Tune Blocker 

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Wow, this is exactly what I have wanted, ever since I got my first iPod — except I wanted the exact opposite.

What I really want is for the blocker to go the other way — I want to be able to sync without charging. (I realise a cable probably couldn’t do that, I assume it would have to be done at the hardware level.)

The reason for this is my great care for battery life. In the manual of one of the first mobile phones I owned, it said quite explicitly that I shouldn’t charge the phone until it was fully uncharged, and I have taken that to heart ever since.

But I want to be able to sync my iPhone, to get the latest podcasts, apps, and calendar updates. So I strongly urge Apple — or Matias, if it’s possible for them to do so — to create a way to allow for syncing, and not charging.

(Via Typical Mac User.)

Using HTTP Headers to Serve Styles 

Eric’s proposal is quite ingenious, although I see potential pitfalls.

At the ToonPrint development server, I have implemented an approach that’s a little more subtle, although it’s also easier to miss: based on the current domain, if it matches that of the development server, the <title/> will have “DEV — ” written at the beginning. This also has the added ability of being easy to spot in a multiple-tab browser window.

Dive Into Python 3 

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Just like Simon, I first learned Python by reading Mark Pilgrim‘s original ‘Dive Into Python’. (Although that was only a little over two years ago.) I look forward to learning Python 3 through the competent writings of Mark.

IE NetRenderer 

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Screen-shots from multiple versions of Internet Explorer (including 8, beta 2). I won’t go as far as Dan Benjamin, who says he’ll probably drop his VMWare copy now, but this will probably be really useful.

Learning to Think Like a Programmer 

Wow. I need to pass this on.


$ python -c 'import time; print time.ctime(1234567890)'
Sat Feb 14 00:31:30 2009

One way or the other, I probably won’t be able to remember, but it’s fun anyway.

(Hat tip, Thought Palace.)

John Gruber on pricing 

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It seems a little weird to link to a link, but excerpting can show a lot about an article, and the final bit is incredible:

Apple would be ignoring trends seen in its own earnings report if it refused to offer a device in the netbook category. In Wednesday’s earnings call, Apple announced it sold a record number of iPods in the quarter: 22.7 million. With iPods priced no higher than $400, it’s clear the netbook price range is attractive to consumers.

Apple sells a lot of copies of iWork, so maybe they should make a $79 netbook, too.

Gruber nails it here — an iPod is a whole different story from a netbook, it’s ridiculous to compare them; by that logic, every consumer product should be priced the same. I hear potatoes are cheap.

The periodic table of awesoments 

I have no idea what an ‘awesoment’ is supposed to be (well, actually I do — I believe it’s an attempt at making a noun of ‘awesome’, but it seems a weird one to me), but the list is truly awesome.

Particular highlight is the fact that Chuck Norris (11) doesn’t have an abbreviation.

(Via Subtraction)

'Wherefore' does not mean 'where' 

This knowledge of course became apparent in some circles one and a half years ago, when John Gruber used it incorrectly.

Actually, to someone like me — a native speaker of the Danish language, in this case — ‘wherefore’ meaning ‘why’ is quite obvious: it’s the exact same in Danish.

In Danish, ‘why’ is called ‘hvorfor’, which quite literally translates into ‘wherefore’. (‘Hvor’ meaning ‘where’, and ‘for’ meaning… ‘for’.)

But in general, I’m all for a good language lesson.

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