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Why Unions Matter 

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John August on why joining the Writers Guild of America is mandatory for selling a script in Hollywood.

Of course, John does not make the real case for why unions matter, in discussing only the WGA, but he gives some of the reasons. Mainly that if there weren’t unions, workers would be fucked.

(And in USA, many are. The unions of the States have historically been very poor, at least compared to many countries in Europe. I did a rather extensive paper on this once, and it was very sad to find out how bad it is in the state.)

People who deserve it 

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Although some of these are a little stupid, there are some real gems amongst.

(Via Kottke)

Filing browser bugs 

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John Resig‘s guide on how to file a proper browser bug. Unfortunately, I’m one of those people John Resig lament over, having never filed a bug report in my life.

Andy Clarke's copy-writing guide 

Although aimed at clients, there’s sound advice for anyone involved with copy-writing on the Web. Great guide, and one that will hopefully turn into a resource to be reckoned with in time.

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