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I just uploaded version 0.1 of a project I’ve been playing with for a while — ScoreTable.

It’s a project I’ve wanted to do for years now, actually. (It hasn’t been necessary, and that’s probably why I haven’t gotten around to do it before now.) It’s a little app that works by you adding results, and it then calculates the points, scores, etc. and creates a ranking table. At this point it’s optimised for football (soccer), but if you change the point scale, I guess you can use it for most sport disciplines, that use some sort of league.

There’s a todo — in Danish, though — at pyhacker (my python-related site for tips, tricks, code, etc.), for what I need to get around to, and if you have any suggestions on how to speed it up — I haven’t really tested the speed of it — improve the code for clarity or new features, feel free to chime in. I’m still rather new to Python.

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