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The investors who never were 

Fascinating story in The Blizzard (an excellent quarterly football publication for the uninitiated) about the takeover of Notts County.

The Kasper Schmeichel angle (and the general superstar allure of Eriksson and Campbell) meant it was covered in the Danish media, but I had always just assumed the funding dried up, not realising the extent of the scam.

CSS Variables 

Permanent location of 'CSS Variables'

Very interesting, and probably a useful addition to CSS.

I see, however, a problem with section 3.2, which states:

The definition of variables crosses @import boundaries. That means that the definition of a variable contained in a stylesheet B imported from a stylesheet A applies to all rules directly contained or imported into stylesheet A.

This would potentially create a problem in which variables are overwritten. Given the structure of CSS, though, and @import in particular (it must come before any style declarations), this might be acceptable.

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