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Tech debt metaphor maximalism 

I must admit I’ve never given the tech debt metaphor much thought; it’s always framed as an unmitigated negative, something outside factors foist upon you, and that’s how I’ve tended to think about it.

This is a deep dive into the metaphor, examining how it works on multiple levels, including how you can intentionally taking on tech debt, using the time saved as an investment to ship faster.

Via Simon Willison

Why Unions Matter 

Permanent location of 'Why Unions Matter'

John August on why joining the Writers Guild of America is mandatory for selling a script in Hollywood.

Of course, John does not make the real case for why unions matter, in discussing only the WGA, but he gives some of the reasons. Mainly that if there weren’t unions, workers would be fucked.

(And in USA, many are. The unions of the States have historically been very poor, at least compared to many countries in Europe. I did a rather extensive paper on this once, and it was very sad to find out how bad it is in the state.)

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