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Strings do too many things 

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This is not really Hillel’s point, but my main gripe with the “static types will save us“ philosophy of some is that there are so many things being represented as just strings, but which have de facto constraints that the type system can’t represent, meaning you either have to rely on runtime validation (which means you haven’t turned them into compile-time errors) or just expect people to adhere to the constraints.

John Gruber on pricing 

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It seems a little weird to link to a link, but excerpting can show a lot about an article, and the final bit is incredible:

Apple would be ignoring trends seen in its own earnings report if it refused to offer a device in the netbook category. In Wednesday’s earnings call, Apple announced it sold a record number of iPods in the quarter: 22.7 million. With iPods priced no higher than $400, it’s clear the netbook price range is attractive to consumers.

Apple sells a lot of copies of iWork, so maybe they should make a $79 netbook, too.

Gruber nails it here — an iPod is a whole different story from a netbook, it’s ridiculous to compare them; by that logic, every consumer product should be priced the same. I hear potatoes are cheap.

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