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Screenshot from Apple Music showing four hip hop albums ‘from our pop editor’

I’m not really complaining, but this is probably not what I would have picked if I were pop editor.

Facebook, always there to help

A screenshot from Facebook with the message, 'Jonathan, it's almost your birthday!'

Thanks, Facebook. Thanks for also reminding me what my name is, you’re a pal.

(Yes, they did use it as a call to action to donate to a charity, but I still find it a ridiculous hook.)


Because I’m the world’s worst instagrammer, this is my illustration of a lovely holiday in Thailand: the gathering of a legion of birds in wires, creating an absolute cacophony. (The sound doesn’t come through so well with the traffic noise, but it was deafening.)

It really was a lovely trip, though.

2015, people

An Excel error dialogue with the message, 'Sorry, Excel can't open two workbooks with the same name at the same time.'

Oh shit

A caravan with the graffiti tag 'ISIS'

ISIS are camping out practically in my backyard.

Suck It Up and Ship 

Permanent location of 'Suck It Up and Ship'

Daniel Jalkut telling the software developers to let go of their babies when they’re old enough to see the world. And by babies, I mean software releases, and by ‘old enough’ I mean ‘good enough’.

It seems an odd choice to include the MarsEdit 3.1.2 release info as well, though.

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