Simply Jonathan


The shadow of author Jonathan Holst, July 2007

Jonathan Holst is 19 years old, lives in Copenhagen, and he works at ToonPrint A/S. He’s the sole author of Simply Jonathan.


Simply Jonathan is running WordPress, with a few custom behaviours. Entries are written using Michel Fortin‘s wonderful Markdown-extension, PHP Markdown Extra. It does not have comments because I do not like them.

Originally, Simply Jonathan was running a home grown Django based CMS, but in March 2008, it was transitioned over to WordPress, at the same being merged with holst.notes and Jonathan’s account. Now the contents of these three entities are stored in separate categories on the site.


It should be stated that this site might come in two languages: Danish and English, where the main part will be English. Furthermore it should be noted that the author is not a native English speaker, and as such might mix up a bit of American/British English. Sorry.

Hosting and disclaimer

This site is hosted by my good friends at GMTA ApS, a company I worked for for some years. We still keep in touch, and I consider them personal friends, but there’s no affiliation between them and this site.


Is there anything more you would like to know, about me, this site, or really just anything, do not hesitate to contact me at jonathan at I am looking forward to hearing from you.

This is Simply Jonathan, a blog written by Jonathan Holst. It's mostly about technical topics (and mainly the Web at that), but an occasional post on clothing, sports, and general personal life topics can be found.

Jonathan Holst is a programmer, language enthusiast, sports fan, and appreciator of good design, living in Copenhagen, Denmark, Europe. He is also someone pretentious enough to call himself the 'author' of a blog. And talk about himself in the third person.