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Portable EPUBs 

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Compelling proposal from Will Crichton: using EPUB as a basis for a format to replace PDF.

The second most important reason I don’t read more academic literature than I do (the first of course being other commitments) is that they’re all published as PDF, so can’t really be read on a phone. Reflowing text just fits so much better, and if they were published as HTML (possibly EPUB) I’d have a much easier time getting into them.

Behind “Hello World” on Linux 

From back in August, Julia Evans at her best: taking a seemingly trivial operation and explaining in great detail what goes on under the hood.

Strings do too many things 

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This is not really Hillel’s point, but my main gripe with the “static types will save us“ philosophy of some is that there are so many things being represented as just strings, but which have de facto constraints that the type system can’t represent, meaning you either have to rely on runtime validation (which means you haven’t turned them into compile-time errors) or just expect people to adhere to the constraints.


On 1 November I got a new job. Again.

I’m back at GreenMobility, this time as CTO.

This obviously marks a big shift for me. It was only in August, joining GAN Integrity, that I transitioned out of being an individual contributor to being a manager, and now I’m also an executive.

This means I’m now working at a higher strategic level than before, something I relish. The first few months have been eventful. We’ve seen our biggest competitor announced their plan to leave our main market and announced our own decision to focus even more on that same market, while keeping pace on releasing new features.

It’s new and it’s different and it’s exciting. I believe as much in the vision as I ever have, and look forward to once again playing a part in improving the prospect for more people foregoing private car ownership and using a more communal alternative.

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