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(This post is in Danish)

Permanent location of 'Klinikmatch'

Klinikmatch er et site min kæreste administrerer som en del af hendes praktikforløb, med information om klinikker og privathospitaler i Danmark.

Parsing webmentions 

Permanent location of 'Parsing webmentions'

Jeremy Keith’s guide to parse webmentions, pretty much the ideal solution for what I saw as the problem with blog comments six years ago (and that is almost exactly six years ago; three days off).

I see WordPress plugins both ways for this in the future.

Hiding your research behind a paywall is immoral 

Information wants to be free.

Fred Armisen imitates Ira Glass on This American Life 

They should have just used Justin McElroy from My Brother, My Brother and Me. They sound exactly alike.

Aaron Swartz commits suicide 

Via John Gruber, the tragic news that Aaron Swartz has committed suicide.

I cannot claim to have known Aaron Swartz well, beyond a few brief email exchanges I have had nothing to do with him. Yet he is a person I feel I have a relationship with.

Swartz was one of the first people I remember started following when I started going beyond the mainstream internet. Being a few years younger than him, I highly admired him for his accomplishments at ages comparable to mine.

Swartz’ last time was obviously marred by a criminal investigation, but I feel Swartz had more to contribute to this world. He will be missed, and my thoughts go out to his friends and family.

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