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Light Table 

Permanent location of 'Light Table'

A Kickstarter project (of course) proposed by Chris Granger, which is a radically new editor (inspired by Bret Victor‘s principle from his much-praised talk Inventing on Principle). If this project is funded, and it’s looking good, the resulting product could revolutionise the way we develop software, and make it much better.

PHP: a fractal of bad design 

Over five years ago (phew), I wrote What I don’t like about PHP. This is like that, only infinitely more detailed. (Including a lot of oddities that I knew about, but hadn’t considered serious flaws.)

(Via Marco, who concedes that PHP does suck.)

The right to be offensive and wrong 

As Voltaire put it: I disagree strongly with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.

Part of allowing free speech is also allowing people to say things that you do not agree with. Then you attack their opinion, not their right to say it.

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