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iOS 6 observations

This is by no means a review. For that I refer you to Macworld, Ars Technica or iMore. These are the observations I made. I notice small things, and generally ignore big things. Mind you, my favourite part of iOS 5 was the addition of the en-dash in the keyboard. So, here they are:

  • They put in a ‘kr’ button in the Danish numbers keyboard. It inserts the letters k and r, which for most people would probably be easier to just type. (Same amount of clicks and they’re closer to each other)

  • The maps are certainly prettier than Google’s. As for the use of them, I must admit I never used maps all that much, but from my limited use of them, there seems to be almost no knowledge of Odense, where I live. (Transit missing is OK for me personally, because I never used the ones in the old Maps.)

  • No password required for app updates is great, and it’s mind baffling it’s taken so long for it to appear. Now we just need same behaviour for free apps (though I see more potential problems with that.)

  • Do not disturb is a great concept, somewhat lacking implementation. The ability to set up schedules would be great. (I have very different times for when I want to receive notifications on weekdays and weekends.)

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