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Not enough free space

Screenshot of a dialogue saying the iPhone is 2.3 MB short of required space

Your Web, Half a Second Sooner 

A new Google technique to speed up the delivery of AdSense.

The announcement in and on itself is fine — speed is always good. What I really like about the announcement, though, is the signature: ‘Michael Kleber, Ads Latency Team’. Google apparently have an entire team devoted to ads latency. That’s serious shit.

Moving on from iPad ‘office productivity’ apps 

Marco Arment on how Apple moved away from the productivity apps on the iPad 2, and instead focussed on the creativity apps.

Marco has an amazing ability to see these sorts of trends, this time with the transitory connection dongles.


Mia and I turn off the WiFi power at night, since we don’t use, so we might as well save the money, and help the environment.

The computers are connected to the same power outlet, so usually the startup time for the router and the computers match, meaning one can get online as soon as the computer has booted. But we recently got MacBook Airs, so this morning she said, ‘The computer turned on faster than the Internet…’

First world problem, first world problem indeed.

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