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Permanent location of 'Forever'

Mandy Brown on the debatable merit of the word ‘forever’, and how we can all work to make sure the things we love for, live forever.

The Dark Side of Usability 

Permanent location of 'The Dark Side of Usability'

Fascinating study on the actual benefits of usability. It’s not that usability isn’t of any use; it’s that sometimes, in order to get a person immersed in the task the application facilitates, he or she needs some stumbling blocks.

Airbnb ad 

Permanent location of 'Airbnb ad'

asdf Adam Lisagor ‘s newest ad.

I especially like his Hitchcock-style appearance halfway through.

Good Code 

Permanent location of 'Good Code'

Print this out and hang it somewhere.

Dansk Folkeparti: Herfra Min Verden Går 

(This post is in Danish)

Permanent location of 'Dansk Folkeparti: Herfra Min Verden Går'

Hvis ikke det parti definerede dansk politik, ville dette være meget sjovt. Men det er det ikke…

Build apps not businesses 

Permanent location of 'Build apps not businesses'

I don’t believe business models don’t matter, and making a project profitable has obvious benefits; but I do believe it is more important to care about the project more than making money from it.

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