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Announcing wp-default-links

It’s a time for WordPress plugins for me it seems. After making the one for I have another one ready, one I call wp-default-links.

This next one is one that isn’t of much use unless one uses Michel Fortin’s PHP-Markdown (although I guess you could use it without), but one that I find helpful if one does.

In Markdown, one has the ability to offload the URI part of a link to later time. To do so, one makes a placeholder ID on the link one wants: [Link][placeholder-id]. Later on in the document, one then gets to define said link’s URI with the following: [placeholder-id]:

I find, however, that I often link to the same resources and in the same way, making this a little tedious. So I came up with the idea to make a central database table of these, to allow common ones to be reused.

It intentionally is very unobtrusive, setting its priority in WordPress to a level that will virtually guarantee it be activated as the last plugin, so as to not risk going off before Markdown has had a chance to substitute the links. Markdown has, as it should, first movers advantage in this field, and wp-default-links will kick in if it finds any leftovers. (Thus it will also work backwardscompatibily.)

The plugin can be downloaded at Github.

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