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Permanent location of ''

Clever. Give it an arbitrary width and height, and it will make a neutral GIF in the specified size.

Mobile Safari Cannot Open Local File

Screenshot from Mobile Safari showing an error message: 'Safari cannot open the page because it is a local file'

This is the error message Safari will show you if you try to open a file://-uri in it. Interestingly, it does nothing to check whether that file exists. (Because the one I tried with didn’t.)

I'm looking for a job

So, I got laid off from Print2People. They found it difficult to work with me, with my being in Odense and their being in Køge. No hard feelings they ensured me, but they just didn’t think it worked out.

And thus I’m looking for a new job. If you have any freelance work, preferably in web development or relevant to a student of English, feel free to drop me a line at jonathan at I have a resume if you don’t know much about my skills.

I’m available for about 10 hours a week, with my being a full-time student. For limited periods of time, more hours will likely be possible – drop me a line, and we’ll discuss it.

Wake-up Tune

Matt Haughey has Marimba as his wake-up tune. I personally have a shortened version of ‘Good Morning’ from Singin’ in the Rain. Which is also a quite nice way to start the day.

Echofon for Mac 

Permanent location of 'Echofon for Mac'

Echofon for Mac is a Twitter client that, as far as I can tell from my brief 10 minute use of it, honours what I asked for in Unread Badge: I can turn off automatic syncing, and I can control what I want notifications of (ie. I want notifications of mentions and direct messages, not the general timeline).

This might very well be the Twitter client I can settle for.

(Via Leo Laporte on MacBreak Weekly.)

Why DRM Doesn't Work 

Permanent location of 'Why DRM Doesn't Work'

One could also consider Steal This Comic from xkcd, which I’ve linked to earlier.

(Via John Gruber.)

Least recently played

Via John Gruber I got to know of Attic, an iPhone app that finds the music you haven’t played in a while. From what I can read, it has all sorts of nifty features.

I personally don’t have much use for it, because my iPhone only contains music I listen to regularly (ie. the music I really like). However, for some time I’ve had a smart playlist in iTunes that does something similar:

A window from iTunes showing rules for a smart playlist (play count greater than 0, limit to 50 ordered by least recently played)

Of course, the magic is really with iTunes, but it is interesting nonetheless. (I have music in my library I haven’t played since 2007. Until recently I believe some of it stretched all the way back to 2006.)

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