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Edward Docx on bad literature 

Writing for The Guardian about the Stieg Larsson and Dan Brown successes, and how we should not confuse that with good literature.

Destroyed Apple Products 

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Obvious blasphemy comments aside, those are some fascinating pictures.

I'm Here 

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‘What does it mean?’

‘I’m here. That’s all’.

Jambox (YouTube) 

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I think this is the thing I was really looking for when I a few years back bought an iBoo.

(Via [Adam Lisagor][lonelysandwhich]’s tweet. Adam made the video.)

A Few Perspectives on 

A Microsoft video about the horrors of using the software suite as opposed to Microsoft Office.

Some of the points are legit, like difficulty in obtaining support and a long start-up time, but some really lay the blame on Microsoft themselves: having interoperability problems with Microsoft Office is due to closed standards, and the developers having to trial-and-error develop their software.

So in Microsoft’s world, their making interoperability near-impossible is’s fault?

Roundup of Mac App Store Guidelines 

The Unofficial Apple Weblog has them. I really don’t like where this is going, for now I cling to the fact that there are still alternatives.

Suck It Up and Ship 

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Daniel Jalkut telling the software developers to let go of their babies when they’re old enough to see the world. And by babies, I mean software releases, and by ‘old enough’ I mean ‘good enough’.

It seems an odd choice to include the MarsEdit 3.1.2 release info as well, though.

The revolution might be tweeted 

Biz Stone, co-founder of Twitter, on why Malcolm Gladwell’s much discussed “Small Change: Why the revolution will not be tweeted” might not be spot-on.

I’m not saying Stone is necessarily right, and he certainly has a vested interest in keeping the idea of Twitter as a revolutionary medium alive, but I do think he makes a fair point, with supporting examples to boot.

John Sculley on Steve Jobs 

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A long Cult of Mac interview with former Apple CEO John Sculley about his time there, and particularly about what makes Jobs and – by extension – Apple the way they are.

The Chokehold of Calendars 

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Mike Monteiro on time management, and how unless your job is to attend meetings, most calendars aren’t made for you.

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