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Aral Balkan's Sys-Con Nightmare 

That sounds awful. I can only echo what Simon said:

Don’t speak at or attend Sys-Con conferences (which include AJAXWorld, the Cloud Computing Expo and Ajax in the Cloud), don’t write for or buy their journals (including AJAXWorld Magazine, JDJ and .NET Developer’s Journal), and don’t visit or advertise on any of their sites.

Aaron's life online 

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Aaron Swartz might not be the best writer in the world, but he’s very passionate about his writings, and I find that his views on life are often interesting and thought-provoking.

I must certainly attempt to get more offline; it sure would be good for me.

Quality Assurance tools for HTML5 

HTML5 is backwards-compatible with what’s already on the Web, but – despite their best efforts – there’s a lot of new stuff in it, and the WHATWG blog tries lists some helpful tools to make sure you produce good mark-up.

What to Include In Your Design Contracts 

I don’t do much that could be labelled ‘design’, but there’s some general advice that makes sense in most industries.

Choosy hits 1.0 

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Choosy labels itself ‘a smarter default browser’, and is a neat little tool if you sometimes need to launch links in other browsers than what you’d normally use.

Because I was a beta tester, I also got a discount code to give away: EPXCA (15% off $[[12 USD]]). It’s not clear from the email, but I think it’s only valid for one person, so the first person to use it will be in luck.

Styling buttons to look like links 

I should get this one linked before I forget it. Natalie Downe shows how to style buttons to look like links, which can be very useful in situations where, for instance, a “show” link and “delete” button (remember, GET shouldn’t be used for unsafe operations) would be confusing.

Scientific Revolution 

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The Technology Review is great, showcasing some of the recent scientific discoveries; this one is about ideal conditions for a revolution.

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