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Entity Code 

Permanent location of 'Entity Code'

Almost four years ago, I linked to a list of HTML 4.01 character entities. At the time I noted that it was, A (somewhat quirky) list of the entity references.

Entity Code is an actually useful alternative to reading the DTD, and one I would heartily recommend. It even has categories.

The Cranky Copyright Book 

Joe Clark‘s new project is about copyright — and he doesn’t agree with Lawrence Lessig.

Joe is a very opinionated fellow, and I look very much forward to seeing what this latest endeavour of his will lead to. I will follow it with interest, and I encourage everyone to donate a little to his cause.

For the record, I don’t believe I will agree with much of what he’s saying, but Joe usually makes an effort in whatever he writes about, and whether I agree or not, I believe he will make a great case for his arguments.

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