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Expert Labs 

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New non-profit from American Association for the Advancement of Science, dedicated to help US Federal Government make use of the expertise of its citizens.

(Via Anil Dash, the lab’s director.)

Web Font Specimen 

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A collection of HTML elements and CSS styling, to test a font’s usefulness on the web. Made by Tim Brown of Nice Web Type fame.

Ian's Shoelace Site 

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Marvellous. An entire site dedicated to shoelaces.

(Via Put This On.)

JSM on Web Typography 

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Jason Santa Maria in A List Apart on how to pair web fonts in the new world of @font-face.

Super Mario Visual Cue 

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Jeremy Keith has a post on a new visual cue he has developed for Huffduffer, to signal a small change. The change is akin to the visual feedback one gets in Super Mario when scoring points, and I must say, it’s quite well-executed.

Put This On 

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‘A web series about dressing like a grownup’.

Jesse Thorn and Adam Lisagor have made this wonderful blog and small-scale tv series about how to properly dress yourself. The first episode (published 2 November) is about denim, and is very well-done. The blog is well-written, and whilst I don’t agree with all the advice (a tweed vest? No thanks), most of the advice is pretty sound.

(Also, they’re looking for funding to continue the series. Yes, I am considering turning this into a Kickstarter promotion blog.)

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