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Google Chrome faking it

So, the world is abuzz with the new Google browser, Chrome.

Blogoscoped have a story on it, and in that they point out that there’s nothing live at the supposed URI, What you do get is an HTTP 404 error:

Error page with a simple headline saying 'Not found', and a line below saying 'Error 404'

This could indicate that there is no Chrome project but lo and behold! The error page does not look like a usual 404 page from Google:

An error page with a Google logo, and an informative text on what to do next

Thus, it would appear that the Chrome page is in fact a fake error page, for reasons beyond me. But it certainly looks like it.

Abekat: Snegl og Skildpadde 

(This post is in Danish)

Permanent location of 'Abekat: Snegl og Skildpadde'

Hyggelig og sjov. Vældig godt eksempel på nogle af MSN Messengers fuldstændigt åndssvage emoticons.

Hulu again

Seen on

Screen-shot of a blog post with an embedded video showing an error message of not being available outside USA

I don’t like Hulu’s politics on this matter, but I did find this a little funny, especially because at first I thought it was Jason’s intention to show an error message.

Working 9 to 5

I got a job. All through summer I had been looking for one but without any luck. I had sort of settled for looking for one I didn’t really like (i.e. a non–computer job), but then I got contacted by an old acquaintance of mine. (Everything is relative, but someone I hadn’t spoken with for two years prior to him contacting me, is old in my world.)

He invited me for a job interview at ToonPrint A/S. I went to the job interview on Friday, had a try-out day on Monday, and started full-time on Wednesday.

I have now been there for a few weeks, and it’s a great deal of fun. The co-workers are nice, the tasks are different from what I have previously done — mainly generating print files with PHP.

The only thing that could be considered a minus is the commute. The office is located in Køge, which is about 40 kilometres from where I live. This means that for the first time in my life, I can’t rely on my bike to get me where I need to go — which has been the case with the schools I’ve attended, and the places I’ve worked.

But I don’t really mind. I like riding the train — as long as it’s not too crowded — and I like having an hour to relax before I start working.

It does mean that I have to schedule dentist appointments etc. in the early morning, because I can’t just take a break from work to do it.

I cope with this, and currently enjoy myself a lot. It’s great to be back in employment.

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