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Levels of disagreement 

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That is so right. I do not have to argue, if I follow, do I?

Mims – This is Why I'm Hot

I could sell a mill saying nothing on the track.

Kanye West – Touch the Sky

I’m trying to right my wrongs, But it’s funny how them same rights helped me write this song.

Thomas Buttenschøn – Hjerter Dame

(This post is in Danish)

Gør alt jeg kan for at elske det banale Ville da gerne redde den tredje verden, men har lidt travlt med min kabale.

System of a Down – A.D.D.

We fought your wars with all our hearts, You sent us back in body parts

People vs. persons 

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From the department of language, here is a guide on when to use “persons” and when to use “people”. (Brief version: use “persons” if you want to seem formal, but “people” in most other cases.)

TV-2 – Helt Alene

(This post is in Danish)

Han var […] rastløs som en satellit.

Learn how to write 

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No one wants to invest countless hours in a losing technology… you want to learn something that will be useful in the long run. I have just the skill for you, and it doesn’t matter what language you work with.

Learn to write well.

This is exactly why I want to study English at university, and not something like Computer Science, or other things specifically related to what I want to work with. This also points out a deeper thing about me as a software developer: I am not that much into mathematics. I appreciate it on a simple level, and I do not avoid applying mathematics to my programming, but I am just more interested in communication. This I probably one of the reasons I started working with the Web, and stuck with it. (The other of course being, that when you start out as a 12 year old doing programming, HTML is just a bit easier to grasp.) I am not one of those who want to solve the performance bits of a program, making it run n% faster by tweaking some engine using clever natural science; I am one of those who want to write software that helps people communicate.

Nick Cave – O'Malley's Bar

Don’t shoot I cried, I’m a man and all.

Bruce Perens for OSI President 

Sounds like my choice of a candidate.

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