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Rage Against the Machine – Guerilla Radio

It has to start some place,
It has to start some time,
What better place than here?
What better time than now?


Permanent location of 'Blasphemy'

Oh yes

The Kinks – Death of a Clown

I’m drowning my sorrow in whiskey and gin.

Differences Between American and British English 

This is probably the one thing I need to improve in my English. (I want to use British English.)

The Strokes – Heart in a Cage

Yeah the sun will be shining,
And my children will burn

The Free Market Fairy

Joe Gregorio:

I can use a hammer to drive a nail while building a house, or I can use it to cause bodily harm, in neither case is the morality of the action tied to the tool, and in a similar way the blind action of a free market is free of morality.
You know, a gun never killed nobody, You can ask anyone, People get shot by people, People with guns.

Queen — Put Out the Fire (which I’ve referred to earlier)

Ask H&FJ | Hoefler & Frere-Jones 


The Kinks – Sunny Afternoon

My girlfriend’s run off with my car,
And gone back to her mom and pa’,
Telling tales of drunkenness and cruelty,
Now I’m sitting here, sipping of my ice cool beer

Electric Six – Naked Pictures

Well nobody wants to burn in Hell,
But everybody’s got a soul to sell.

iPhone will be replicated

At least Zeldman thinks so. He suggests a land line phone, but I really wouldn’t like one of those. I’d be far more interested in a phone sans music player. Admittedly because I already own an iPod that I’m more than happy with, but also because 8 gb really doesn’t suffice for me, and I’d rather have two devices that solve their job greatly than one that doesn’t do each just as good.

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