Simply Jonathan

'this', 'here', etc.

Stop it. Now. I don’t want to have to look at the status bar to get an idea of where I’ll be going by following your link. And if you have to use such idiotic link descriptions, please apply a title. Please.

(This was spurred by Sam Ruby‘s Open Standards in which he uses this unreadable format. And I actually like Sam’s writings as a whole.)

This is Simply Jonathan, a blog written by Jonathan Holst. It's mostly about technical topics (and mainly the Web at that), but an occasional post on clothing, sports, and general personal life topics can be found.

Jonathan Holst is a programmer, language enthusiast, sports fan, and appreciator of good design, living in Copenhagen, Denmark, Europe. He is also someone pretentious enough to call himself the 'author' of a blog. And talk about himself in the third person.