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Quotes about Computer Languages 

Ironic Sans: Idea: Uncensor the Internet with Greasemonkey 


Digital Web Magazine – Seven JavaScript Techniques You Should Be Using Today 

Bazaar Version Control | Muffin Research Labs by Stuart Colville ::: 

Python bits en masse

Translation From PR-Speak to English of Selected Portions of Rails Developer David Heinemeier Hansson’s Response to Alex Payne’s Interview [dive into mark] 

What can you say? Following the style of Gruber, with a twist of Pilgrim. Excellent.

No one belongs here more than you. Stories by Miranda July 

This is rather cool. Actually, the agency I work for made a similar site, just in Flash, and using a cloth as the canvas.

| Vanessa Fox. Nude. 

Permanent location of '| Vanessa Fox. Nude.'

| Vanessa Fox. Nude.

Event.Behavior : Natural Language Event Programming for Prototype 

Inspired by Adam McCrea, this is metaprogramming to the limit. Very interesting, and readable.


Damn. I forgot. I had signed up and everything, and planned to edit the template, but I forgot. It’s fixed now, but I figure I’ve lost some 24 hours or so of nakedness. Too bad — at least it’s changed for next year.

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