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Better url handling for

In my post about I touched upon the fact that I don’t like’s way of defining URL’s, that I find it too loose. Well, it’s a minor problem, but rather trivial to solve, so I did. As quoted in the original post, there is a bit more typing, but I personally prefer this solution. (To be fair, the example I gave in the original post can be applied to this code as well, but I’d say this makes it a tiny bit more readable):

def webpyurl(_tuple):
    Map a structured tuple to a url that will accept.

    Turns a tuple of the format
        ('a', 'b'),
        ('c', 'd')
        'a', 'b',
        'c', 'd'

    Rather simple, but can make a huge difference in readability.

    @require enhancedappend()

    thislist = []

    for (a,b) in _tuple:
        enhancedappend(thislist, a, b)

    return tuple(thislist)

def enhancedappend(_list, *appends):
    list.append only takes 1 argument, this allows for more to be added

    for append in appends:

This code is also available on pyhacker.

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