Simply Jonathan

A person of habits

I was out shopping groceries with my girlfriend the other day. Actually, shopping groceries is a bit of an exaggeration; we were only buying ice cream. I wanted the same ice cream we had bought some days earlier, to which my girlfriend asked me: “Are you a person of habits?” I had never really thought of myself as a such. But when she asked it struck me, I am. At my local fast food (not to be confused with junk food in this sentence) joint, I always order either a sandwich with chicken and jalapeƱos or a classic burger. I sometimes edit it a tad — by swapping beef with falafel in the burger, for instance — but in general it remains the same. And I do so with many other things.

I also tend to do this with programming. If I find some cool new technique, I often use it in a lot of cases, also cases where it doesn’t necessarily belong. Fortunately, I didn’t buy that much into AJAX. But a lot of other things tend to stay with me, just because I’ve used them before.

So I hereby declare myself a person of habits.

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